PUBG Beginners Guide for Ultimate Survival in Battle Arena

June 10, 2018 Off By John K. Ratcliff

PlayersUnkown’s Battleground or PUBG is one of the most popular games. By end of December 2017, it was reported that more than 30 million players, combining X-Box and desktop gamers were engaged in playing this online game.

To get ahead in competition many players even use player unknown battlegrounds hacks such as always win, bounding boxes, the vehicle hits, wall hacks, etc. These give players an extra nudge in the game for surviving till the end.

However, before using a pubg hack and becoming the champion, one would require knowledge about the game and how to play it properly. learn more about PUBG hacks.


This game is an online multiplayer battle royale which PUBG Corporation developed and published. To make this game unique and interesting, its developers created certain specifications:

  • With time, the battle arena starts to become smaller
  • Random bombardments from planes flying by
  • Essential resources from planes above to have an edge over others

This game has two modes solo and duo/squad. Most gamers, however, prefer to opt for multiplayer version as that’s where they can play alongside family members or friends. One can use player unknown battlegrounds hacks in both the versions.

So, let’s check now how to play this game!

Playing PUGB with a Squad

Game-plan plays a crucial role when going up against other teams. Ensure the squad’s player follow the strategy which was set before the match. When with a team, one can make sure that every angle is covered at all times. Using voice chat alerts all members when something vital takes place.

Also, one can use the compass in the game to inform the teammates about relevant details. In addition, pubg hack can let one know the location of others.

How to Kill Enemies?

It is hard to eliminate other players as this game is right in the epicentre. Depending on an individual’s playing style, one can opt for three basic techniques which are close and loud, ranged fire and waiting for the correct time.

  • Close and Loud

The engaging principle is where a person quickly eliminates an enemy with sudden bursts after making them disable. To disable an individual one can use flashbangs or gas grenades before laying down heavy fire. The primary goal of this technique is to disorient opponents by making them confuse. However, high capacity weapon is a must for this attack.

  • Ranged Fire

This is a technique where one can use guns with scope for shooting distant enemies. All one would require is to wait for having clean line of fire in an open space. In such an open spot they will not have any hiding spot and hence a person can make maximum damage. To see through scope, right click on mouse and hold the right click to zoom the view.

  • Waiting for the right time

This is an ideal battle strategy especially in this game. Since pools of players are there, waiting and letting others kill each other before swooping in and becoming the victor. It is a good technique; however, always remember that the battle ground shrinks providing fewer vantage points.

Following these techniques along with player unknown battlegrounds pubg hacks, any beginner will understand the game play as well as stay alive till the end and maybe even become the champion.